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  • Well Hello There!

    I'm Sarah. I've been photographing amazing people all across the USA for 7 lovely years. It's quite a fantastic gig, let me tell you! Selah Photography is based here in Green Bay, WI however I have found that about half of my work ends up coming from out of state. Traveling AND making portraits at the same time? Oh yes, that's nifty.

    I am a wife, mommy of one gorgeous girl, a musician, artist and Jesus follower. I love hot, HOT weather, seafood, design, sewing, long walks on the beach and ballet. My music collection is vast and diverse, and I like to think I have the most amazing taste/opinions when it comes to such a topic. No lie.

    Anyway, take some time, relax and enjoy some of my client's portraits. And hey, drop me a line and say hi if you think you and I would work well with each other. I'd love to meet you!

2015 Assemblies of God Wisconsin/Northern Michigan Youth Convention {La Crosse, WI Photography}

Two weekends ago I photographed my 8th Youth Convention.  My very first gig EVER was the 2008 Michigan Youth Convention, and now here I am in Wisconsin still photographing this event!  It’s always a wonderful challenge to capture the ever changing light, passion and movement at these events.  It’s always kept me on my toes, that’s for sure! This year’s event featured Jeff Deyo and One Accord as the worship leaders from North Central University.  The featured speaker was Reggie Dabbs…he always manages to  wow the crowd with his stories, inspiration and musical skills!  Enjoy some of my favorite shots from this year! 

Olivia ~ Class of 2016 {Green Bay, WI Photography}

Olivia, I was blown away by your gentle and confident spirit.  I only met you the day of our shoot but I can tell you that you are such a beautiful lady who seems very sure of herself.  You process so much talent and so many wonderful qualities that will only help you as you move onto this next stage of life.  I’m so very happy for you!! Enjoy this last year of High School with your amazing friends!