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  • Well Hello There!

    I'm Sarah. I've been photographing amazing people all across the USA for 4 lovely years. It's quite a fantastic gig, let me tell you! Selah Photography is based here in Green Bay, WI however I have found that about half of my work ends up coming from out of state. Traveling AND making portraits at the same time? Oh yes, that's nifty.

    I am a wife, mommy of one gorgeous girl, a musician, artist and Jesus follower. I love hot, HOT weather, seafood, design, sewing, long walks on the beach and ballet. My music collection is vast and diverse, and I like to think I have the most amazing taste/opinions when it comes to such a topic. No lie.

    Anyway, take some time, relax and enjoy some of my client's portraits. And hey, drop me a line and say hi if you think you and I would work well with each other. I'd love to meet you!

Drew ~ Class of 2015 {Green Bay, WI Photography}

Drew is an amazing young lady I’ve come to know over these past couple of years.  She’s smart, funny, athletic and has a killer singing voice.  She’s one of those people you just love being around to put it simply!  Congratulations on starting  your senior year, Drew!  I’m always praying for you, that God would bless you abundantly and give you strength and wisdom as you start planning for your future!

The F Family {Green Bay, WI Photography}

I am blessed to know this wonderful family personally, so I can say with confidence that these guys are seriously a whole lot of fun.  Witty, sarcastic, sweet, giving & loyal…they are just people you love to be around.  Thanks for trusting me with your family portraits you guys!

The P Family {Green Bay, WI Photography}

The phrase ‘all because two people loved each other’ pops into my head when I think of this family.  Two daughters, two son-in-laws and 5 grandchildren (and growing!)….this family is very blessed!  Part of this family was up here in the Green Bay area visiting all the way from Texas, so they wanted to make sure to get in some family portraits while they were all together.  Such a fun and friendly bunch, and I had such a great time photographing them!

August 10, 2014 - 1:15 am

Lynnette - Thank you so much, Sarah! What an amazing job you did capturing our family. You really do beautiful work!

The E Family {Green Bay, WI Photography}

I am blessed to know this family personally.  Seriously, some of the most talented, brilliant, giving & friendliest people you will ever meet right here.  I was honored to have been able to photograph these guys, especially considering they haven’t had official family portraits done in several years.

But really, aren’t they SUCH a good looking bunch?