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  • Well Hello There!

    I'm Sarah. I've been photographing amazing people all across the USA for 6 lovely years. It's quite a fantastic gig, let me tell you! Selah Photography is based here in Green Bay, WI however I have found that about half of my work ends up coming from out of state. Traveling AND making portraits at the same time? Oh yes, that's nifty.

    I am a wife, mommy of one gorgeous girl, a musician, artist and Jesus follower. I love hot, HOT weather, seafood, design, sewing, long walks on the beach and ballet. My music collection is vast and diverse, and I like to think I have the most amazing taste/opinions when it comes to such a topic. No lie.

    Anyway, take some time, relax and enjoy some of my client's portraits. And hey, drop me a line and say hi if you think you and I would work well with each other. I'd love to meet you!

The F Family {Milwaukee, WI Photography}

My beautiful cousin and her lovely husband are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.  One of the ways they’re celebrating this year is with beautiful portraits to celebrate their life together so far and their beautiful family.  Sean and Heidi are some of the most caring, beautiful people on the planet.  In 15 years they have developed successful careers, had two gorgeous children and have adopted several animals in need of homes.  Their hearts are huge and I am honored to call them family.

Happy 15 years, you guys!  Here’s to many, many more!

Augustus {Suamico, WI Photography}

As many of you know, I do not normally photograph infants.  However for my great friends Jesse and Lindsey I have made exceptions.  Last year I photographed baby Georgia, and this year she is a big 1-year-old walking circles around us as her little brother Augustus (affectionately called ‘Gus’) got his portraits taken.  I am not a traditional baby photographer, but I do hope this family cherishes these intimate portraits of such a special time in their lives!

Steven & Kenzie {Door County, WI Wedding Photography}

Steven & Kenzie’s wedding day was absolutely perfect….a beautiful 75 degrees and sunny with a backdrop of lovely Door County, WI.  What more can you ask for? Steven, Kenzie and their family/friends were some of the most welcoming I’ve ever encountered at a wedding.  I felt absolutely honored to be a part of their celebration and my heart is gushing with happiness for them!

Steven & Kenzie, congratulations again!  I pray for God’s blessings to be abundant in your lives as you begin this journey of husband and wife!

Greta ~ Class of 2015 {De Pere, WI Photography}

Sometimes big name studios fail to produce the results you’re hoping for.  100′s of clients per month often equals a less personal experience.  I was so pleased to help Greta get a second set of senior pictures as her first set taken at a big studio wasn’t quite what she was hoping for!

Greta, I hope these portraits will be cherished for years to come.  I’m excited for you as you prepare to head to St. Norbert in the fall!  Great times are ahead for you!