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  • Well Hello There!

    I'm Sarah. I've been photographing amazing people all across the USA for 6 lovely years. It's quite a fantastic gig, let me tell you! Selah Photography is based here in Green Bay, WI however I have found that about half of my work ends up coming from out of state. Traveling AND making portraits at the same time? Oh yes, that's nifty.

    I am a wife, mommy of one gorgeous girl, a musician, artist and Jesus follower. I love hot, HOT weather, seafood, design, sewing, long walks on the beach and ballet. My music collection is vast and diverse, and I like to think I have the most amazing taste/opinions when it comes to such a topic. No lie.

    Anyway, take some time, relax and enjoy some of my client's portraits. And hey, drop me a line and say hi if you think you and I would work well with each other. I'd love to meet you!

Justin & Courtney {Green Bay, WI Photography}

Justin & Courtney were blessed with an amazing wedding day.  Not only were they surrounded by their favorite people and enveloped in support & love, but the best weather day of April collided with their big day.  78 degrees and no wind…what a dream!

Justin & Courtney, I wish you nothing but the best as you begin your life together and make your first big move to a new state together.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day! 

2015 Prom {De Pere, WI Photography}

This year I photographed a couple from Ashwaubenon as well as a group from East De Pere all dressed up and ready for prom.  Although group prom portraits can be a bit chaotic, it’s definitely worth it for me to admire the beautiful dresses and the fancy couples!  Here are a few of my favorite group shots from the evening.  You all looked so stunning!

Jacob + Lindsey {Green Bay, WI Wedding Photography}

Jacob and Lindsey are as sweet as they come, and anyone who knows them will wholeheartedly agree with me.  It may have been cold, windy and rainy on their big day but there is no way the weather could have ruined the celebration they had!  What a refreshing event to photograph, and such a rare wedding it was.  The whole day was completely centered around Christ.  It was so amazing to see Jacob and Lindsey surrounded by a room full of their favorite people worshiping Jesus during their reception (quite a nice alternative to seeing people get drunk, let me tell you!).  Also, I can honestly say this was the first time I’ve photographed a couple waltzing at McDonalds.  McDonalds has played a role in their love story, so a stop there was a must!  As one person said, Jacob and Lindsey are so special because they take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.  Yep, I totally agree!

Congratulations you two lovebirds!  There is no doubt in my mind you were made for each other.  Your life together will be blessed and full!

Justin & Courtney {Green Bay, WI Photography}

Justin & Courtney are completely perfect for each other.  After spending an evening with them last weekend I was able to listen to the details of their love story as we strolled around Fon Ferrick park.  It’s amazing to see God’s plan unfold in their lives!  Their wedding day is less than a month away I am feel completely honored to be the one to capture it.

Congratulations Justin & Courtney!  I cannot wait to see you guys all dressed up on your very happy big day!