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  • Well Hello There!

    I'm Sarah. I've been photographing amazing people all across the USA for 4 lovely years. It's quite a fantastic gig, let me tell you! Selah Photography is based here in Green Bay, WI however I have found that about half of my work ends up coming from out of state. Traveling AND making portraits at the same time? Oh yes, that's nifty.

    I am a wife, mommy of one gorgeous girl, a musician, artist and Jesus follower. I love hot, HOT weather, seafood, design, sewing, long walks on the beach and ballet. My music collection is vast and diverse, and I like to think I have the most amazing taste/opinions when it comes to such a topic. No lie.

    Anyway, take some time, relax and enjoy some of my client's portraits. And hey, drop me a line and say hi if you think you and I would work well with each other. I'd love to meet you!

The 2014 Wisconsin/Northern Michigan Youth Convention {LaCrosse, WI Event Photography}

I began photographing Youth Conventions in Michigan back in 2008 just as my business was beginning.  Youth Conventions offer a unique set of shooting circumstances that push both me and my cameras to our limits.  The ever changing light, the movement….most often photographing high movement in barely existing lighting…make for a challenge I’m always willing to take on.  After all, what could be better than photographing a weekend where teenagers seek after God with their whole hearts.  The passion I capture at these events make it all worth it for me.  Catching passionate real life moments is simply the best. 

Ryan ~ Class of 2015 {Kewaunee, WI Photography}

Ryan, it has been so much fun getting to know you these past few years.  You are both smart and funny and truly are a bright spot in mine and Kirk’s life.  We’ve been able to see you mature into an admirable young man, and I have no doubt that great things are ahead for you!  Kirk and I want to let you know you’re loved and we’re so incredibly happy for you as you prepare to enter the next phase of your life!!

Cassie {Class of 2015}

Cassie, you are absolutely stunning.  I enjoyed photographing you and getting to know you a bit better, and I have no doubt that you will accomplish great things in your life! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!!

Darron & Melissa {Brillion, WI Photography}

Darron & Melissa are a super sweet couple currently planning for their August ’15 wedding.  I had such a great time creating their portraits in the gorgeous Autumn light & colors!

Darron & Melissa, it was great to get to know you guys a bit more!  I am crazy excited to capture your wedding next year!